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Hours of Operation

Monday-Friday: 8AM-6PM
Saturday: 8AM-4PM
Sunday: Closed

How We Started

          Knox County Window Tint's owner Jason Hallenbeck started his career as a professional window tinter in Phoenix, Arizona with one of Americas largest tint companies. He worked with industry professionals throughout his training aquiring the skills and knowledge from the best in the business. During this period, he was able to experiment with different types of films and techniques allowing him to maintain consistent, clean and quality installs.
          Upon relocating to eastern Tennessee, Jason worked with a local shop until deciding to take on his own operation in Knoxville's demanding tint market forming Knox County Window Tint LLC. With overwhelming knowledge and experience with nearly every product the industry has to offer We are confident the quality of service we offer will be unsurpassed. 

What We Do

          Knox County Window Tint is a professional mobile window tinting company. We are an on-site operation specializing in automotive, residential and commercial window tinting. We work with every customer individually to figure out the best option to fulfill the their needs while staying within their budgets. Your car or home is often then result of your determination and hard work. Thats why we practice habbits and techniques that are low risk, but high in efficiency. 
           Quality is one of our top priorities. The window tinting industry is competitive and we know that the best way to keep you happy and coming back is to have supperior results. We take our time and work through the process thoroughly to ensure that every car, house or building we tint is the highest-quality.

Our Goal

   Our goal is to provide Knoxville, Tn with an affordable alternative for busy lifestyles. We are determined to offer the best product, with the best quality at the best possible price. 
          If you are looking for a convenient and professional service then you've come to the right place. We let our work speak for itself. Our installs are executed professionally with high grade window film and are backed with a manufacture lifetime warranty that covers any bubbling, peeling, fading or discoloring for as long as you own your vehicle.
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