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Automotive Window Tinting
Prices are subject to change based on certain makes, models and year. Feel free to call with any questions about your specific vehicle.

Premium Package

Knox County Window Tint proudly offers Johnson® Window Films products.

Comfort Package

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Non-metalized non-reflective color infused film. Will not interfere with radio or cell phone signals, navigation or GPS systems. Most affordable way to cut down heat and glare. Rage will reject up to 45% of heat and up to 92% of glare.

​VLT Available: 35%, 20% and 5%
Nano-ceramic technology spectrally selective film. This film will target the suns IR rays that is felt as heat. Insulatir is non-metalized non-dyed film and is the best option for heat rejection with up to 82% IR rejected along with up to 81% of glare rejection.

VLT Avaliable: 35%, 20% and 80%
All of our automotive film will reject 99% or more of damaging and harmful UV rays and is backed by a lifetime manufacture warranty.

Superior Package

Durable hybrid film. With its combination of a metalized layer and dyed construction, this film offers superior heat rejection thats designed to last. Marathon's universal black color will match closely to factory tinted glass while rejecting up to 60% of heat and up to 94% of glare.

​VLT Available: 35% and 20%
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